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CH3 Multi-Head Planer

Included with the CH3: Planing knives in all cutter heads, Toolbox, In- and out-feed tables, Setting block for planing knives, Spacers (Wheels are bought separate)

Артикул: 7800-000-3000
7 900,00 €
Цена на фабрике в Швеции без НДС и доставки



The Logosol CH3 Multi-Head Planer is the next-generation planer/moulder, developed and manufactured in Härnösand. The machine is designed to easily produce mouldings, panelling, round rods, and beams for fun projects when you want to renovate your home or build on the farm. This planer is based on 25 years of experience and is very easy to use and simple to own. With its robust and user-friendly design, you get a lot of machine for the money. In addition, it is profitable to produce your own mouldings and panelling, and you can quickly recoup your investment. Thanks to the fact that the CH3 multi-head planer is flexible and fun to use, it is a machine that really comes in handy.


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